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July 5th, 2019 - Vague Wisdom — LiveJournal
Adventures in Gimp-dom
I know you've all been wondering what the heck is going on with [personal profile] stonebender? Well, I'm going to try better at posting here (you've never read that from me before). I have been in one of my more intense funks. I think I'm getting over it. I am no longer taking Spinraza. I am however taking another drug that is an oral medication, called Risdiplam from Roche. It seems to be maintaining what strength I gained under the other drug and it is obviously easier to take than a drug that needed to be delivered with a lumbar puncture. I had to be part of a study in order to get this new medication which entails some not fun hospital visits, but overall I'm happy with the drug situation.

I have not read anything with any intellectual heft in a while now. It's mostly comfort reading which means apocalyptic fiction/old sci-fi/especially Heinlein juveniles. I did read a fun little book called Gregory's World. Which I enjoyed. Fellow crashes on planet that is some kind of Sargasso planet. He finds himself having to survive along with gobs of shipwrecked aliens from lots and lots of places. All stranded and all trying to have a life. It was fun to read and I even bought the sequel.

I re-watched the first four seasons of Fear the Walking Dead seasons. I like this series much more than I did when I first saw it. I have lost some enthusiasm after season 4. I lost a lot of rooting interest since then, but my opinion of the series has greatly improved.

My sister is going through some bad health stuff not helped by breaking her leg recently. I'm trying to help her without doing everything because I think it's important that people be as independent as possible. After surgery to repair her ankle, she is in a rehab facility to recover. In fact it's the same rehab center that my mother went to before she died. It feels oddly homey to me.

That's probably enough for now. More later.

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